The best way to purchase courses for your employees is by creating a bulk purchase order. Bulk purchases can be found by searching “bulk” within When you are on our home page, you will want to click into the search box along the upper right-hand corner of the page, as I have noted in the screenshot below:


Once you have entered “bulk” into the search box, hit enter and it will take you to this screen:


From there, select the option of “Bulk Purchase – Learning Credit” and it will take you to this screen, in which you will need to update the value to the cost of the course you are wishing to have your employee take, for example, $59, and hit “add to cart”:


Once they have been added to your cart, you will be directed to the cart screen. Within the cart screen, you will want to update your quantity to the amount you wish to gift, if different than 1, and hit “update cart”. Additionally, if you have a discount code to use, you will want to add it to this page and hit “Apply Coupon” before checking out. From there, it will give you the bulk total of the courses and you will want to “proceed to check out”.


Once check out is completed, you will receive an email with the individual codes to send to your employees. They will want to navigate to, search for the courses they want them to take, and add it to their cart. From there, they will input the codes you have sent into the “learning credits” section on their cart page. They will still have to proceed to checkout but it will be a $0 checkout and they will not be required to put payment information in. They will be prompted to either log-in or create an account, depending on if they have an account already or not.