1. From the E-course page in the proValens Learning catalog, click on the “add to cart” button – EVEN if it is a FREE course! Click on it just once, though. Each time you do, it adds another copy to your cart.add-to-cart.png

2. From the next screen, click on the “Proceed to Check Out” button.proceed-to-checkout.png3. Register for an account or log in if you have learned with us before.

Creating an account is necessary so that you can…

  • come back to a course you’ve started

  • earn a grade on your course’s assessment

  • get credit for successfully completing a course

  • download a course completion certificatecreate-account.png

4. You will be asked for a billing address – complete the required fields

5. You will be asked about “students” – if you are registering yourself, then there should be only one (1) student. Be sure that you have indicated only one student!

If you have put more than one instance of a course in your cart, you will be asked to register the other students by providing their names and addresses (if different from yours). Other students will be assigned a password automatically if you leave that box blank.



Accidentally put too many courses in your cart?

  • If you are asked for information for a second student, and you only want to register yourself, check the cart icon in the upper right corner of your window. You will need to remove any “extra” courses from your cart by clicking on the “view all” tab in the cart dropdown box.duplicate-course.pngduplicate-course-2.png

  • Remove the unwanted copies of the course from your cart and refresh by clicking the “update cart” button.

  • Proceed to checkout and you can click through the steps to quickly get back to where you were.

6. The next window is the payment method – if your class is FREE, there is not payment information requested. Simply proceed to the next step.


7. Review your order and click the "Place Order" button


8. You will see a confirmation message and you will receive a confirmation email from "Sales" at Eppley Institute's support site.


Go to My Courses to access your e-courses. This will be your homepage for all online learning from proValens. If you register for other courses, they will be listed on the My Courses page any time you log in.

9. Click on the course you would like to take or come back whenever you'd like.

10. Once you have opened your e-course, you are on the Course Home Page. From here, you can access the course content (i.e. take the course), the course assessment, and view and download your completion certificate. Read the information and proceed to your e-course. everglades.png

11. Once you click on the "Course Content" icon and the subsequent "Enter" button, your e-course will open in a new window.


At any time:

For technical assistance, visit https://support.eppley.org